When you think of the Jersey shore, do you think of the beaches, boardwalks, restaurants and amazing sunrise and sunset views? Or do you think of MTV’s hit show that includes crazy reality personalities like Snooki, Mike ‘The Situation,’ JWoww, Sammi Sweetheart and more? The second one? That’s what I thought.

The wild clan of Jersey Shore stars were possibly one of the worst representations of New Jersey, not to mention the majority of them aren’t even from the Garden State. Now, two of the show’s biggest stars, Snooki and Deena, aka the meatballs, are now having some “beef” with New York City’s own Meatball Shop.

Snooki and Deena have a lawsuit filed against them by The Meatball Shop for alleged trademark violations, reported by TMZ and Daily Mail. The shop is going after the girls for money and wants an injunction blocking them from selling any more meatball merch, TMZ reports.

Fans of the hit MTV show should remember that the dynamic duo used to call themselves ‘meatballs,’ and even Deena still calls herself that by having “Jersey shores meatball” written in her Instagram bio.

The two reality stars started selling “meatball merch,” on Snooki’s Shore Store which started in 2010 according to Daily Mail, which allowed them to embrace their moniker. However, The Meatball Shop thinks it is ruining their sandwich shop’s good name.

The merch includes graphic tees and crewnecks that have the words “Team Meatball,” “Meatball Problems!!” and “Meatball 1” written all over them. The Meatball Shop wrote a cease and desist letter to Snooki and Deena about their clothing line, but apparently the duo ignored their request according to TMZ.

Despite the hatred the store has for Snooki and Deena now, the Jersey Shore duo actually made meatballs with The Meatball Shop co-owners back in 2017 for a photoshoot according to Food & Wine.


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