Is a TikTok filter spilling celebrity tea? Or is it all in good fun?

Joshua Bassett left fans spinning out after he trolled himself and his rumored ex, Olivia Rodrigo, in a silly TikTok video.

Before we dive into what the filter revealed, let's get into the backstory of their rumored romance.

Bassett is best known for playing Rodrigo's love interest on the Disney Channel TV show High School Musical: The Musical: The Series. However, fans have long speculated that their on-screen chemistry once spilled into real life.

While neither celebrity has ever confirmed the rumors, it's speculated the castmates dated between 2019 and 2020 before ultimately breaking up.

Bassett reportedly then dated singer and Disney alum Sabrina Carpenter.

Meanwhile, Rodrigo released her smash album Sour, which included the mega-hit "drivers license," which was reportedly inspired by her and Bassett's supposedly messy split.

Needless to say, the rumors and timelines have created a dramatic love triangle for pop and TV fans to pore over.

On Tuesday (Oct. 11), Bassett playfully added fuel to the fire by sharing a TikTok about "the love of his life."

Using a filter that picks letters randomly, in the video Bassett says, "The first letter is the love of my life."

In a serendipitously cheeky nod to "Olivia," the filter initially reveals the letter "O."

Bassett cringes. Not happy with the result, he tries again.

"Second letter is the love of my life," the actor quickly says.

The letter "Q" pops up on screen and Bassett sighs with relief, joking, "Okay, Q, I'll take it."

Watch below:

On TikTok, fans responded with shock and amusement in the comments section.

"When I tell u my jaw DROPPED," one TikTok user wrote.

"The first letter is a paid actor," another joked.

"He bold, and I appreciate that," someone else shared.

Another TikTok user wrote what everyone was thinking: "Imagine if he would've gotten an S after the O?"

While speculation continues to swirl regarding the romance between Bassett and Rodrigo, here's what we know: Currently, neither follows the other on social media. In 2021, Bassett told GQ that Rodrigo hasn't spoken to him since the release of her song "drivers license."

However, on July 27, the pair sent shockwaves across social media and gave fans "deja vu" when they reunited for the HSMTMTS Season 3 premiere, where they shared a few smiles together for the cameras.

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