I’m sure you might all know this, but I'm super obsessed with Bath and Body Works. I swear, every Monday Chris, from Chris and the Crew, come in and share with each other about what we bought from Bath and Body that weekend. It is truly an addiction. This past weekend they held their Annual Candle Day Event: COVID-19 Edition. 

First things first, they started the sale online on Thursday, which was such a surprise! My mom and I typically order candles online before we go into the stores. Since this came as a surprise, we didn’t get to order a thing because everything sold out! The website actually crashed  so we didn’t get anything.

Then it was game time. 

I went to their Philadelphia Mills location on Saturday night. I stood in line for a little over an hour to get in. Honestly, it wasn’t that bad! I expected to be in line for much longer than that. I won’t tell you how many candles I bought that night, but just know that I had a 20% off coupon and still spent well over $100. 

The next day I went to their Oxford Valley Mall location, which is my typical go to. I stood in line for 5 minutes to get into the store. The only issue is, they did not have everything I was looking for. To be honest, I thought stores would still have some of their fall candles, but it looks like I was too little, too late. I did end up buying 8 candles. Again, I had a coupon. This time it was a $10 off of $40 purchase.

Overall, this is snot a bad Candle Day event. I do have one complaint which is the price! When this sale first started the candles were around $7, and now they are 9.95! I hope they do not continue to raise the price. 


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