It’s a sad day. If you’re a Jersey Shore fan or spent some time down at the Jersey Shore in Seaside in your early 20s, you know exactly why the party people of New Jersey are sad today.

One of the most iconic nightclubs in New Jersey has been demolished and it’s devastated Jersey’s ultimate party girl. If you were a Jersey Shore fan back in the day, their go-to club to party at down the shore was Karma in Seaside Heights.

The roommates would be there partying multiple days a week and Karma was always the setting for some of the most iconic episodes of the popular reality show.

I’m sure you can recall countless episodes of bar fights and hilarious drunken nights that will always be remembered by fans. Now, it’s the end of an era and the biggest Jersey Shore party girl herself has spoken out about the “tragedy”.

Since videos of the demolition of Karma have been circulating the internet, Snooki herself has posted about how upset she was over the news.

Using a viral TikTok sound, Snooki expressed her sadness over the club officially being knocked down in Seaside Heights, New Jersey.

She captioned her video, “My hoop earrings are still in the bathroom. I MEET BERNARD THERE! How do you think I feel?”.  Karma has been closed since 2018 and has been abandoned ever since. Now it officially is the end of an era for the Jersey Shore squad!

So what will become of Karma in Seaside Heights? According to News 12, it seems as though Karma will become another condominium in Seaside Heights.

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