Summer time brings many wonderful things like warm weather and beach days, but it also brings something terrible, mosquitoes! I don't know about you, but I've got a ton of bites on my legs from those blood suckers! You always think to use bug spray, but what if you don't wanna smell like it! There are other ways to keep the mosquitoes away without dousing yourself in smelly bug spray!

1. Plant rosemary and basil around your yard. Mosquitoes apparently hate the scent of it!
2. Burn pinon wood in your fire pit. It gives off a scent that mosquitoes hate!
3. Instead of a citronella candle, use a citronella spiral.
4. A birdhouse. Birds eat mosquitoes!
5. Install a ceiling fan. With the vortex and air spinning round and round, those bugs will be no where near you!

We still have another month left of summer, so these tips will be very helpful! No one likes to sit there and scratch mosquito bites all day!

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