If you were in Asbury Park on Black Friday: you may have been extremely close to running into Kesha and you didn't even know it! Yup, you heard right! Kesha, was in New Jersey this weekend!

Now, something you may not know about Kesha is that she's a big cat lover. So while in Asbury Park, she apparently visited a cat cafe called Catsbury Park Cat Cafe, where she hung out with a cat named Kahlua. You can check out her experience by watching the video that posted a video of her on Instagram hoping she'll get her forever home.

While she was in Asbury, she got a tiger tattoo at Electric Tattoo.

She even boasted on Instagram about the experience as she wrapped the trip up:

The funny thing is, no one knows what Kesha was doing in the Garden State.

It's not like she's from New Jersey or Pennsylvania (she was born in California).

So was she scoping out a new concert venue in the area? Does she have friends in New Jersey? Maybe she has a new love interest that lives here?

No clue, but we don't mind having her here and she is welcome back anytime.

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