The coronavirus pandemic has taken over the world for the past three months and has literally turned all of our worlds upside down. Thousands of people have lost their lives and we're just starting to see the downward spiral of coronavirus, and there could be another wave coming through, bu I think we all hope that isn't the case. Something good that has come out of the horrific coronavirus pandemic is kindness. We have seen countless acts of kindness popping up all over our country. From people raising money for frontline workers, and delivering food to hospital workers that are working countless hours, it's beautiful to see people appreciate those who are doing so much for those who are risking their lives everyday to take care of patients with COVID-19. Two young kids from Delran are the latest to raise money for healthcare workers and they did it in a very unique way.

Fox 29 reports that Chris and Kiley Wolf competed in their very own triathlon. They biked ten miles, swam twelve laps in a pool and ran three miles. They decided to do their triathlon and raise money for frontline workers and one in particular, their Aunt Colleen. Together, these kids have raised almost $2,000 and they only set out to raise $750. They are going to use that money to delivery food to a hospital in their area. Chris and Kiley are a good example of what we hope to see more in the world.

You can see some news coverage of them by Fox 29, here.

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