The Super Bowl is coming up this weekend and it’s become a little bit different of a celebration than we normally see.

The Kansas City Chiefs have made it back into the Super Bowl again this year and we all know who comes along with the Chiefs. Our girl, Taylor Swift.

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The amount of love that Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce have been getting this entire football season is just as surprising as all of the hate they’ve been getting.

I don’t think Taylor ever pictures households across America naming their Super Bowl snacks after her or local restaurants selling Taylor Swift-inspired Super Bowl foods.

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This was for sure not on my 2024 bingo board, but I have to say, I am LOVING it. As a Swiftie, I just want more Taylor all the time, so I am so excited for the Super Bowl this year.

The only annoying thing is that I’m an Eagles fan.

K.K Sweets in Hamilton, NJ Is Selling Taylor Swift-inspired Custom Cakes


Since I can’t root for the Eagles, I’m for sure rooting for Taylor and a local Hamilton bakery has the perfect cake to do just that. K.K. Sweets is located in Hamilton, New Jersey in Mercer County and they posted the absolute best customizable cookie cakes that you can get your hands on for your Super Bowl party this weekend.

Can these get any cuter? K.K. Sweets is known in the area for providing Mercer County and beyond with some tasty cakes, pastries, and more.

K.K. Sweets opened up back in 2020 and they specialize in French-styled bakery items like French macarons, custom cakes, gluten-free desserts, classic pastries, and other sweets, according to their official site.

If you want to get your hands on some super fun Taylor Swift-inspired treats for this weekend, make sure to act fast. K.K. Sweets is located at 3257 Quakerrbridge Rd, Hamilton, NJ.

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