It really is the City of Brotherly Love!

If you haven't heard or seen on social media, Travis Kelce has touched down in Philadelphia for a quick visit with his brother Jason Kelce of the Philadelphia Eagles.

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Over the weekend, Travis was spotted on social media, posing with his favorite celebrity barber Willis Orengo to get a fresh cut, according to ET online.

(I'm getting a kick out of how much Travis absolutely towers over this guy, by the way!)

The duo also made an appearance at a fundraiser in the city!

But could the occasion be more special?

Travis Kelce has been keeping busy lately! Hot off the heels of a nail-biting Super Bowl win during his victorious off-season, he's already flown to Australia to spend time with his girlfriend Taylor Swift during her Sydney stop of The Eras Tour.

Now a few weeks later, Travis' presence was noticed in Philadelphia over the weekend, but by the time Monday morning rolled around, his seemingly random visit makes a little more sense.

Jason Kelce is making a BIG announcement

AFC Championship - Kansas City Chiefs v Baltimore Ravens
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On Monday morning, Jason Kelce announced that he has made a retirement decision, and that he will reveal whether or not he's retirement during a press conference later today. Check back HERE for more information.

So it looks like little brother Travis is in town for brotherly moral support! We love to se it, and we're happy to see him here!

And just for kicks and giggles, let's throw it back to the Super Bowl after party, where once again Jason stole the show - wearing a wrestling mask!

Welcome to Philly, Killa Trav!

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