It may only be mid-September, but the City of Lambertville and the Lambertville Police Department announced that they’re advising against door-to-door trick or treating this year within the city’s limits, amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Lambertville is normally bustling on Halloween so this news will affect the thousands of visitors who normally come to town.

"We are encouraging residents not to celebrate Halloween in the same fashion as previous years in order to keep our residents safe and the transmission of this disease low.  We have seen the transmission rate increase after gatherings are held, and it is my team's responsibility to make sure that Lambertville plays its part in preventing the spread of this virus," Lt. Brown of the Lambertville Police Department said on Friday.

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Of course, this news will be frustrating to residents, but it’s just another blow in what’s already been a tough year for our favorite traditions from St. Patricks Day to Memorial Day to the Fourth of July and more.

The guidance is not an outright ban on trick or treating, but city officials are advising residents to trick or treat or treat at their own risk as COVID-19 is easily transmitted person-to-person.

For those participating in a Halloween celebration, safety guidelines were issued (these include wearing a mask and racticing social distancing). Plus, residents are asked to respect any homes that are not celebrating Halloween this year.

"We ask everyone to respect the challenges that this pandemic has caused by following guidelines for both those who will be participating as well as those who will not participate," Lt. Brown says. 

In fact, efforts will be made within the city to discourage crowds from gathering. Most notably, officials will NOT be closing any streets within the city on October 31. In years past, N Union Street has been closed to vehicular traffic, as Lambertville welcomed thousands of visitors to celebrate the Halloween holiday throughout the town.

Officials in nearby New Hope, Pennsylvania have not announced any plans for Halloween 2020.

Additional police will be on patrol on the evening of October 31 to keep the community safe.

In fact, ere's a complete breakdown of the guidelines issued by the City of Lambertville this week:

  • Any person outside on October 31st, should be wearing a mask, limiting personal interactions, and practicing social distancing.
  • Any house that will be supplying candy, please practice social distancing.  Leave the candy outside at least six feet away.  Do not have anyone come on to your porch or inside your house.
  • Any house that would not like residents at their property, they should turn off their front light, close the front door or place a sign that directs any person away from their house. 

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