They're baaaaaack....

Well, almost back. Those pesky, destructive, annoying spotted lantern flies are due to make their reappearance in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware this Spring.... ugh.

Well it's Spring right now. So where are they?

In their egg nests. Most of them haven't hatched yet. And according to NBC Philadelphia, we don't want to wait around until they do.

If you remember these little suckers from last year, which of course you do, then you remember how they were literally everywhere, and how wildlife officials told us not to be afraid to kill them on sight.

Spotted lanternfly on maple tree
Getty Images

They're Asian insects that first appeared in the United States in 2014. And then over the following years, they quickly adapted to our landscapes in the tristate area. And flourished.

They may be kinda pretty at first glance, but be not fooled; they are PESTS. Although they're not directly dangerous to us or our pets, they're destructive to 70 different types of trees and plants and their poop can attract mold, which can damage our property.

So what's our best bet for mitigating their negative impact? Eliminating them before they hatch.

"For this next month before the eggs hatch, we are encouraging residents to look for spotted lanternfly egg masses and scrape them," said a spokesperson from the New Jersey Department of Agriculture.

Laternfly eggs are typical on trees, rocks, patio furniture, or other hard surfaces. Check out this video to get a better idea of what they look like!

This reminds me of the movie The Tomorrow War... (Spoiler Alert!) They had to kill the nest before the alien monsters emerged to destroy the entire planet.

Get more information about the spotted lantern fly and what the eggs look like HERE.

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