This woman just got a tattoo that is flying around the news right now.

It was reported on that a New Jersey woman decided she was going to add to her tattoo collection and et one of the state’s most wildly hated things on her.

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She officially got a tattoo of a spotted lantern fly, and people are so confused why she chose to put this on her forever.

I’m a total tattoo person and love a good, quirky tattoo. I’m getting a new one soon and I honestly wish I had the nerve to get a quirky one like this on me.


It’s the ultimate New Jersey tattoo, and this woman for sure is a die-hard Jersey Girl forever. interviewed Tracy Ann, the woman who permanently has the spotted lantern fly in her forever, and she said “There was really no inspiration for it, if anything, it represents the last two and a half years of chaos. When I get older and my kids and grandkids ask why, I can say, ‘Well, let me explain the insanity of 2020.”


I love the message behind this tattoo honestly. We have had such a stressful few years as not only a state but a nation in general with the pandemic and other chaos, so this tattoo is such a good way to have some pride in the garden state.

Her amazing New Jersey tattoo really encapsulates New Jersey as a whole and tattoo artist, Joe Dillon from Jamesburg, NJ really nailed this concept!

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