It's things like these that make me wonder: "Have all of our efforts been in vain?"

*insert horror movie music* Spotted. Lanternflies.

It seems like we've been talking about their impending return forever now, with wildlife organizations and experts telling us to snuff them out before they reach adulthood.

Spotted lanternfly crawls up brick building, Berks County, Pennsylvania
Getty Images
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In fact, people have gone so gung-ho over killing the spotted pests, that other wildlife creatures have been caught in the crossfires. Earlier this week it was reported that birds have accidentally been killed in glue traps meant for spotted lanternflies.

Well. They've reached adulthood, and they're everywhere again!

Marc Wesson, a local resident, captured a video of a throng of thousands of adult spotted lanternflies absolutely covering this apartment building in Jersey City NJ, and honestly, it looks like nightmare fuel! Check out his Instagram video below! It makes me cringe.

According to the post, his theory is that they flies crash into the building and then fall onto the sidewalk. Even though they killed most of them with vinegar, he fears it's just a band-aid on a dam. reports Wesson's comments on his theory:

“They seem to be drawn to glass high rises, and get stunned by hitting the glass and fall to the sidewalk...There are multiple new buildings downtown that are seeing the same mass gathering of the lanternfly. They are also anywhere there are Ailanthus trees, which are their major host.”


Have you seen any crazy swarms of the spotted lanternflies? Let us know where, and if/how you got rid of them!


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