They seemed to take over the state last summer, and it looks like this summer won't be any different. We may be getting ready for the summer of the spotted lanternfly, round 2.

Photo by Magi Kern on Unsplash
Photo by Magi Kern on Unsplash

We asked you to tell us where you have already spotted the baby lanternflies.  Remember, at this time of the year, they are tiny little black bugs that feature white spots on them. Experts say many people confuse them with a tick or even a small beetle.

It seems like the pests have been seen in most areas around Monmouth & Ocean Counties, and the town name we have been hearing the most seems to be Brick.

Spotted Lanternfly in Spadea's backyard

That's not to say that Brick is expecting a bigger problem with the spotted lanternflies than in any other town. It could just be that more Brick residents responded to our informal survey than residents of other towns.

But, one thing is for sure. Early indications from area residents indicate that we are going to be dealing with these bugs pretty frequently this summer around here.

Spotted lanternfly
Spotted lanternfly (NJ DEP)

While Brick seemed to be mentioned most when we asked which towns are already seeing these summer pests, we also heard the same from Eatontown, Barnegat, Freehold, Colts Neck, Avon, and Tinto Falls among other towns.

So, it looks like we should brace for another summer battle here at the Jersey Shore. It's Jersey Shore people vs. the spotted lanternfly, round 2. Get prepared, and good luck.

Learn more about spotted lanternflies at the official website of the state of New Jersey.

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