The Lawrence Township PBA Local #119 are asking for the public’s help in locating the individual who dumped more than a dozen “perfectly good glazed donuts” outside of the store on Princeton Avenue.

The PBA made the announcement on Wednesday via a serious Facebook post. They shared an absolutely horrifying photo displaying what appears to be more than a dozen donuts carelessly strewn around a light pole. Oh, the horror!

“We will not accept such egregious actions of our beloved Dunkin Donuts here in the Township of Lawrence,” the PBA says. “Thank you for your cooperation in this serious matter as this affects the well-being of all members of the police department.”

Those with information about the case are asked to contact the PBA as they continue their investigation.

Yes, this is all meant in good fun, of course. We love it when any group can poke a little fun at themselves. Especially when they’re some of our favorite local heroes.

Thanks for all you guys do and for having a great sense of humor about police stereotypes.

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