Hope you're hungry. The much-anticipated Lawrenceville Sandwich Co. is now open.

The Grand Opening was Monday (October 9th) and the locals couldn't be happier. There are already comments on social media about how delicious the bagels are.

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Lawrenceville Sandwich Co. is so much more than just bagels. The menu is quite impressive. There are breakfast sandwiches, breakfast platters (omelets, French Toast, pancakes), hot sandwiches (chicken, rib eye, turkey melts, corned beef), cold sandwiches (chicken salad, tuna, turkey, ham, roast beef), burgers, salads and more.

The breakfast sandwiches are all named after avenues. The Park Ave. is bacon, fried eggs, lettuce, tomato and chipotle mayo on an everything bagel. You can check out the rest of them by clicking here.

To check out the complete menu, click here. When you stop by you'll see there are big digital menus for you to check out.

Lawrenceville Sandwich Co. is on Main Street in downtown Lawrenceville. It took the place of Eatalia, the Italian Market, that didn't last very long...it was only open for less than a year.

Lawrenceville Sandwich Co. is located at 2645 Main Street in Lawrenceville.

Parking is in the back of the shop. It's a really easy lot to get in and out of. It's a perfect spot to grab breakfast on your way to school or work.

I'm sure the students, teachers and staff at The Lawrenceville School (the private high school across the street) will be there often.

Heads up, coming soon to Lawrenceville Main Street...a new Matcha Teahouse, Ooika Teahouse.

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