This fun, holiday experience is coming back to Lawrence Township this season!

It was posted on the official Lawrence Township website that The Jolly Trolley is taking another trip around Lawrence Township in just a few weeks and you can catch a ride if you sign up!

If you haven’t heard of this before, The Jolly Trolley is this cute trolly ride that you can sign up to take a spin around Lawrence Township with your family and friends to listen to holiday songs while drinking hot chocolate.

It’s a 45-minute ride that drives you through the streets of Lawrenceville to look at all of the festive holiday lights that are displayed this season. This seems like the most wholesome thing you could do around town this time of year!

Lawrence Township Recreation Dept. via Facebook
Lawrence Township Recreation Dept. via Facebook

I remember last year there was a very high demand to catch a ride on this trolly and people were so upset when they didn’t get a reservation in time.

Just because of the stress in years past of residents not being able to enjoy this township experience, Lawrence announced that there would not be 2 trolleys “which means double the fun” according to the website.

There will be 3 sessions when the trolleys leave town hall on their departure date, so there are plenty of time slots available for you to snag seats for your friends and family. The first session will leave at 5 pm, the second will leave at 6 pm and the third will leave at 7 pm.

This event will all be going down on Friday, December 16th, during the peak of the holiday season! If you’re looking to sign up and get a seat on this ride, registration will officially open on Thursday, December 1st at 6:00 pm.

Make sure to create a CommunityPass account, because that’s how you’ll register for your tickets. More info can be found on Lawrence Township’s official site!

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