Yes - I know, I know ... another Gritty Story.

Would my week really be complete if I didn't write one blog about him though?!

Of course not.

Whatever. This is everything ...

Of course, our local LEGOLAND had to get in on all this Gritty action. I mean it's pretty much expected at this point.

They placed the new Flyers mascot (fully made out of LEGOS) atop of Philadelphia's City Hall (also fully build out of LEGOS) and it's amazing.

Can you believe how big Gritty has became in such a short amount of time. It's legit insane when you think about it. Going viral can do that though. Gritty is less then two months old and every where you turn he's there or being mentioned. I honestly think it's great, it's something that's now forever embedded in the Philadelphia culture. Plus we currently have the most popular mascot in all of American sports right now and no one can take that from us ... (for the time being.)


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