According to, Gritty, who is the very wacky Philadelphia Flyers mascot wants to be considered an essential worker for this NHL season. The NHL just announced that they will start playing games again on January 13th and fans will NOT be allowed to attend. It seems that the NHL is roping Gritty together with fans and not allowing him to attend games either? I mean, it has to be or he wouldn't have started an entire thread on Twitter about it. Gritty wants to be considered an essential worker so he can attend games. I mean, he is technically a member of the organization, right? We'll have to wait and see if the NHL allows it.

I have to admit, I have a low key obsession with Gritty. Ever since he appeared, I've enjoyed watching his silly videos and seeing him at various sports events. I've never actually been to a Flyers game, but I've seen him at a Rutgers basketball game and he's hilarious! I like how he pushes the limits when it comes to a professional team's mascot. I think Gritty should definitely be allowed at games. I have a friend who works for the New York Mets and they had Mr. & Mrs. Met at all the home baseball games this year. So Gritty should definitely be allowed even thought fans are not allowed. Listen Gritty, you have my signature on your petition! Go Gritty!


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