A beloved national supermarket chain has announced they'll be closing a busy store, which was located just outside of the city of Philadelphia.

The store will shut its doors (forever) on Sunday (July 16).

Lidl, the German-based grocer, has announced plans to close its store in King of Prussia, Pa. (Montgomery County). The store, which was located on a busy stretch of Dekalb Pike, was only open for about 18 months.

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Why Is Lidl Closing Stores in Pennsylvania & New Jersey?

Lidl says the closure was part of a strategic decision to close "underperforming locations."

"After a thorough review of the performance of our store network, we made the difficult decision to close our store," a spokesperson for Lidl said in a statement. "This was an underperforming location, and we made the strategic decision to close this location so we can focus on the locations that are closer and more convenient to more of our customers and where we are seeing significant growth."

Lidl Press
Lidl Press Photo

The King of Prussia, Pa. area is home to several other large grocery retailers including Wegmans, Aldi, GIANT, and Walmart stores. So it's likely that this store was underperforming in a crowded retail landscape.

The nearest stores to King of Prussia will now be In Trooper, PA (on Ridge Pike) and Royersford, Pa (also on Ridge Pike).

Lidl Closes Two New Jersey Stores

The King of Prussia joins two other stores in our area which will shut their doors on July 16. Lidl recently announced plans to close a store in Howell, Monmouth County as well as a store in Burlington Township Burlington County. 

Both of those stores were also on the company's underperforming store list. Lidl operates 174 stores in the United States, but they have more than 13,000 stores worldwide, with a majority in European countries like Germany and the United Kingdom.

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