Wow. It's nice to see a company care so much about its employees. They are essential, after all, as per the federal government. All of Lidl's workers in the U.S. will get an additional $200 in their paycheck after getting the vaccine. The company said the bonus money will help with possible travel and child care costs, associated with getting the vaccine. Lidl has also said they will be flexible with employees schedules, so they can make their vaccine appointments whenever they are available, without worrying about having to miss work.
Lidl's U.S. Chief Executive Officer, Johannes Fieber said in a statement, “We are proud to provide our employees the resources they need to receive the COVID-19 vaccine free of any obstacles.”

The article states that Lidl asked employees if they were planning to get the vaccine, and about 8 in every 10 employees plan to get it as soon as they can. All employees were provided information about where they could get the vaccine in their area, and the company is working with state and local officials to make sure their employees are priority.

Back in March, around when the pandemic began, Lidl launched a new program with CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield to give all of their employees access to full medical coverage, for free, if they came down with COVID-19. Lidl also put hospital-grade air filtration systems in all of its stores and warehouses.

Lidl now has over 125 stores across the U.S., 14 in New Jersey, including Burlington, Cherry Hill, North Brunswick, and more. Residents in Lawrence Township are anxiously awaiting the new location in the Lawrence Shopping Center, coming soon. Constructions crews are hard at work there.

Great news, Lidl. I'm sure your employees appreciate your efforts.


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