Some of our interns were talking about their favorite places to grab lunch while being smart with their money. Together, we made a list of apps for a bunch of our favorite places. We thought we’d share this list with our loyal listeners, and FYI this list is not in any particular order:

  • Chick-fil-A:  Scan your app when you purchase something to earn points and redeem rewards. Through their tier system check out the app to see how many points you can earn per dollar, you can even save points to redeem your favorite free items such as milkshakes, chicken nuggets, and salads.
  • McDonald’s: You don’t have to spend to earn points! Deals change daily and depend on location you choose to visit. Some deals include 99 cent hotcakes, buy one Big Mac get one free, $3 large shakes.
  • Panera: Every time you go to Panera scan your app or card in order to get rewards. Panera’s rewards system is by visit amounts; Intern Julia once got a free you-pick-two meal!
  • Chipotle: 10 points for every dollar you spend, and when you save 1250 points you can redeem a free entrée. There are opportunities to get free drinks and free chips and guacamole on your birthday!
  • Playa Bowls: 15% off for activation, One dollar spent is 15 points and you can get half off a bowl on your birthday!
  • Starbucks: 1 dollar is equal to two ‘stars’ at 150 stars you can get a free handcrafted drink. New for the app, is for 400 stars your can get free select merchandise such as a reusable cup.
  • Moe’s: Free queso for signing up!! 10 points for every dollar spent and when you earn 1000 points you get $10 to spend on anything!
  • Wendy’s: You don’t even have to buy anything to get deals on the Wendy’s app. For example, right now if you buy a premium sandwich you can get a free fry and drink.
  • Smash burger: Every dollar spent is one point earned when you scan the app. Once you earn 100 points you get a $10 reward. #protip: Students can show their student ID for a discount on top of the original reward.
  • Wawa: Spend $50 and you will get a reward. Some reward choices include free cut fruit, free Shorti hoagies, and free breakfast burritos. We all know you’re spending money at Wawa anyway so why not get free stuff?!

Note: PST is not affiliated with any of these apps/businesses. These deals were all from personal experiences. 

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