We are all guilty of this ... well maybe not all of us but there is a little community of us who has the urge to stalk there ex on the gram.

Well if you didn't know there is a way to do it with out getting caught.

Yes, you can make a finsta (aka a fake Instagram) but why do that when you can just look through their page without making one, although there is also that fear of accidentally double tapping.

That's the easy way of stalking.

I mean ... whatever, the real question is how do we look at their stories without getting caught. That's where we leave a trail. Because yeah, you can look at someones page all day with out leaving a trace but you can't do that with Instagram stories.

That's where phillyvoice.com holds us down.

You can see someone's story by “peeking." But let's be honest that's too much work. So let's scratch that idea.

There is actually another way and that's Storiesig.com. You can view their story through a web browser and also download their story too.

Ok ... I've gotten to deep, and writing this blog is actually creeping me out. So on that note ... I'll end it here.

Happy stalking.




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