Nathaniel Rowland has been found guilty in the kidnapping and murder of Robbinsville, NJ's Samantha Josephson.

The jury read the verdict after approximately an hour of deliberations following a weeklong trial in Columbia, South Carolina.

Rowland's was found guilty of killing 21-year-old college senior, Samantha Josephson, who was a student at the University of South Carolina, at the time of her brutal just weeks before her graduation in March 2019. Rowland was charged with murder, kidnapping and possession of a weapon.

Sentencing is now underway in the Columbia South Carolina courtroom:

You can watch the live verdict here:

The trail lasted one week. With closing arguments occurring Tuesday morning. Both the defense and state rested their case Monday night.

The state brought forward more than two dozen witnesses who alleged that Nathaniel Rowland pretended to be an Uber driver and kidnapped the 21-year-old University of South Carolina college student, who originally hailed from Mercer County.

The state's case alleged that Rowland drove the victim nearly 60 miles away stabbed her more than 100 times in the face, ear, head, neck, arm, back, leg, and feet. They say her DNA was found in the suspect's vehicle.

Rowland's defense team (a public defender) noted that Rowland's DNA was not found on Josephson's body. They alleged that police jumped to conclusions in March 2019.

Following her death, Samantha's family has launched the "What's My Name" foundation, which has aimed to push for ride share safety for all including a call for all riders to ask their drivers "what's my name" before they enter a rideshare vehicle.

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