Uh oh. Justice, the clothing store for tween girls, will be permanently closing more than 600 of its stores across the country soon, and unfortunately, our several of our local locations are on the list, according to USA Today.

The parent company of Justice (and Lane Bryant, Catherine's, Ann Taylor Loft, and Cacique), Ascena Retail Group, has declared bankruptcy and plans to make Justice a strictly online shop.

Here's the list of our local Justice locations that will be closing permanently:

Quaker Bridge Mall (3320 Route 1, Unit 256)

Hamilton Marketplace (420 Marketplace Boulevard)

Marlton (221-223 South Rt. 73)

Mt. Laurel (12 Centerton Road)

Oxford Valley Mall (2300 E. Lincoln Highway #141)

That's pretty much all of them. The Freehold Mall location isn't on the list, so will still be open.

So, why now? Well, the article states that the stores have seen a decline in foot traffic over the past few years, due to an increase in online shopping. Now, there's even less foot traffic to stores in strip malls and especially indoor malls due to coronavirus restrictions.

Oh boy, I know many families who will be upset to see Justice vanish from the area. It's an experience for girls, with music playing, fashion shows, and lots of accessories to oogle over. Lol.

The silver lining is you're going to get some great deals in stores, before they close for good. Going out of business sales are expected to go on for a month or two.

I know a lot of people like online shopping because of it's convenient, but, it's not convenient when you have to return stuff that doesn't fit, and there's no local stores to return it too. I need to try stuff on, and once I know my size for that store (because every store is different) then I can order online.

Sorry girls....I know you'll miss dancing in the Justice dressing rooms, like my girl does.

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