There's a new coffee option in Quaker Bridge Mall and it's getting a lot of buzz.

Gregorys Coffee opened on Thursday morning (May 23).

Lawrence Township officials were on hand to welcome the new business to the area, cut the ribbon, and officially open the doors for business.

It's where the old Starbucks once was on the upper level of the mall, near the piercing kiosk.

A huge sign has been hung in the open area of the mall, between the upper and lower levels, near the food court alerting shoppers that the new shop is now open.

Township of Lawrence via Facebook
Township of Lawrence via Facebook

Gregorys Coffee is a big deal in New York City and is now making its way into New Jersey.

I'm sure it will attract customers because it's something brand new to the area.

I love the coffee shop's slogan, "We fuel the hustle."

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According the website, "We started Gregorys in 2006 to make a difference. To make amazing quality coffee, served fast. No attitude, just good coffee, good food, and good people. Pretty simple."

Stop by to grab an espresso, cappuccino, latte, cortado, cold brew, nitro, and teas.

Check out the drink menu by clicking here.

Gregorys Coffee also has food. They know you're on the move, so you can grab and go or sit and enjoy. There are vegan options too.

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You can indulge in fruit parfaits, baked goods like banana nut pound cake, muffins (blueberry & apple cinnamon), Berry Bliss Bites, scones, croissants (flaky and chocolate), crunchy power bites, peanut butter banana bites, cookies, and more.

You can check out the food menu by clicking here.

Go check out this new addition to Quaker Bridge Mall. It's on the upper level.

Welcome Gregorys Coffee.

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