With times already being hard enough during the coronavirus for all families and communities, one group of people that I’m sure have struggled a lot, if not the most out of all are the homeless. With restaurants and stores being shut down for long periods of time and people social distancing during quarantine, the homeless have struggled to try and find ways to get food or shelter during this crucial time.

Luckily for them, a local restaurant in Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania called Slack’s Hoagie Shack was generous enough to make meals for the homeless. On an Instagram post, the restaurant released a photo taken in front of their store that says, “If you’re Homeless or Struggling because the quarantine has left our streets empty, you’re not alone or forgotten. Knock on our door & ask for a manager.”

On a podcast called The Daily Smile, owners of Slack’s Hoagie Shack and sisters Melissa Cruz and Jenny Ayala were featured and got to talk about how the business started. Melissa originally bought Slack’s Hoagie Shack at the age of 26 and was also a single mother. Jenny was a single mother as well at that time and decided to move in with Melissa and start working for her at the Hoagie shop, that way they could try and give their children’s lives a better future.

During the podcast the host, Nikki Boyer, asked Melissa and Jenny about their generous sign they posted on their door for the homeless. They both said that they wanted to help the homeless or those struggling because they, along with many other people, care about helping others. Melissa stated, “Many people forget, but the homeless are people too.” When ordering at the shop, the owners will provide a care package for those who need it along with their favorite item off the menu!

It is great to see such caring people help those in need during such a tough time, we love to see restaurant owners like Melissa and Jenny!


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