There is yet another adorable addition at the Cape May County Zoo.

During your next visit, be sure to check out Leeloo, a 10-year-old female Common Marmoset who just arrived from the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine.

Marmocet at the Cape May County Zoo - Photo: Cape May County Zoo press release
Marmocet at the Cape May County Zoo - Photo: Cape May County Zoo press release

Leeloo will be paired-up as a companion for the zoo’s male marmoset, Nico.

"Leeloo will join Nico and the other small primates at the Zoo and will add to the expanding monkey family that calls our Zoo home. The Zoo is a wonderful attraction and learning experience for visitors of all ages and one of the top year-round attractions in the State," said Commissioner E. Marie Hayes, liaison to the County Parks and Zoo in a statement.

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“She is settling in nicely in her new habitat with ‘Nico’ and is getting excited to explore her outdoor habitat with the onset of spring temperatures,” said Associate Veterinarian Dr. Alex Ernst.

What are marmosets?

Common Marmosets are a small member of the New World Monkey family measuring 6-8” tall and weighing about a half-pound. They originate from the tropical forests of East-Central Brazil.

They have specialized claws and teeth that allow them to eat a specialized diet of Plant sap, gum, and exudates.

How to see Leeloo and Nico

Leeloo and Nico can be seen through the viewing window of their indoor habitat during the cold weather months.

Plan your trip to the Cape May County Zoo

The Cape May County Zoo is free (donations are encouraged) and open daily from 10 AM until 3:30 PM during the winter. More information can be found at

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