A week ago, we reported that Pennsylvania had approved a law that allowed restaurants in the state to see cocktails-to-go.

We also posted a list of 10 of the best bars in Lower Bucks County here.

One of the bars on the list is JB Dawson's, located at The Shoppes at Flowers Mill in Langhorne.

JB Dawson's Restaurant & Bar
Credit: Google

We just checked JB Dawson's website and discovered its cocktails-to-go menu and there are several drinks we're anxious to try.

  • Lights On Lime-Aid - Lime-aid with citrus vodka and Blue Curacao. (This sounds like it would be delicious and make for a great Instagram post).
  • Clearly Not a Cosmo - A white mandarin cosmopolitan with Elderflower Liqueur, orange vodka, sour mix, and soda.
  • Express Pineapple Express - Pineapple vodka, homemade sour mix, and pineapple juice. (I've got to find a Tiki glass for this. I'm sure I've got one in my basement).
  • Express Strawberry Pineapple Express - The same ingredients above, but with strawberry puree mixed in. (Okay...now I need to find 2 Tiki glasses). 
  • Covid Crush - Here's the description of this drink on JB Dawson's website, "We all hope to stomp this out soon, in the meantime, load up on the Vitamin C- lemon, lime and OJ + Vodka and soda."

JB Dawson's also has margaritas and a Lonely Island Iced Tea available for curbside pickup. Plus, you can also grab a 6-pack of things like Angry Orchard, Dogfish Head 60, Blue Moon, and White Claw.

And of course, they also have a full menu of food available for curbside pickup. To place an order, call (215) 702-8119 and go to jbdawsons.com for more info.

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