If you like pizza, you're going to love this. I was just reading on Mashed that you can order one of the biggest pizzas in the country in nearby Philadelphia.

The pizza is from well known Lorenzo and Sons Pizza on South Street. There's also another location in West Chester.

These suckers come in at a whopping 28 inches around. Yikes. Each slice requires two plates to hold it up, it's that big. Look at all the little topper-things each box needs to keep the box lids from touching the cheesy goodness. Haha. What are those things actually called? Hmmm.

Let's think about this. How do you eat a oversized pizza slice?

The folding method? You know what that is, right? That's where you fold it in half by the crust to get better control.

Knife and fork?  I think this is the way to go. You've got to eat at least half of the slice by cutting it up into bite sized pieces until the slice can stay up on its own without flopping downward and dropping all of the cheese and toppings (although, the plain cheese pizza is the most popular at Lorenzo and Sons).

Look below...this is ONE slice. Wow.

The Mashed article gives Lorenzo and Sons big compliments saying, "For a restaurant to successfully serve up supersized portions, the space itself must provide a place for patrons to comfortably dine, and Lorenzo and Son's does not disappoint. With two floors and plenty of seating, owner Guiseppe Pulizzi has created a family-friendly feel in his establishment by hanging old sepia-toned photographs of his family inside."

It continues, "The restaurant also accommodates large parties and private events, and it serves up more than pizza with offerings like a selection of Philly-style cheesesteaks, jalapeno poppers and a veggie sandwich."

Lorenzo and Sons is located at 305 South Street, Philadelphia.

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