Do you think you could be the next big reality star? If so, there’s a huge opportunity for you coming up in Lake Como, New Jersey.

If you have sat at home super bored at night by yourself and looked for a show to binge, you probably have watched Love Island. There are multiple different series spin-offs of the original show and the fans have just been eating this show up for years now.

If you want to think you’re one of the hottest new bombshells in New Jersey, you have to make your way to Bar Anticipation this weekend! It was just announced that one of the Jersey Shore’s biggest and most popular bars is hosting a Love Island USA Pop-up along with Peacock.

Everyone will be able to show up and film an audition tape to hopefully make it onto everyone’s current favorite reality show. If you’re even flighty interested in becoming a reality TV star, I’d say it’s worth a shot to show up here.

I’m sure all of the stars from Jersey Shore didn’t think they would make it as far as they did! We may have the biggest reality star sitting right in New Jersey right now. So, are you going to be Love Island’s biggest reality star?

Make sure to make your way down to Lake Como, New Jersey to film your best audition tape. It’s all happening on June 29th at Bar Anticipation.

The event will run from 2 pm to 7 pm and it’s first come first serve according to The Jersey Shore Girl.

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