Couples are now able to tie the knot in this famous park that literally has “LOVE” in its name. Starting in October, the city is now making it possible for couples to get married right in front of the infamous “LOVE” statue in LOVE Park in Philadelphia. There are a lot of strings that come with having your wedding here, though. You won’t be able to pick any date you want for your big day, City Hall only allows for very few specific dates each month.

According to, City Hall is only allowing couples to get married on only two Wednesdays a month. You don’t have much say in how long or how much room you are going to have for the ceremony because City Hall only gives you a half hour time slot and 20 by 20 feet to entertain your friends and family. It may be a very short wedding, but there’s a reason for it. On each of the two possible days you can get married, they not only have to accommodate your wedding, but six others as well which is why there is such a short time limit for each wedding. If you are one of the 12 couples that actually get to have their wedding here, there comes a price...Not a big price though don't get scared. When you reserve your spot, you have to pay City Hall a $90 fee and then another $50 to the park. Having your wedding here isn’t exactly traditional, but it will definitely be a wedding you won’t forget!

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