For the second year in a row, researchers have confirmed that it's expensive to go on a date in our area. In fact, New Jersey is the second most expensive state in the country for a date, and Pennslyvania isn't much better.

A study from 24/7 Tempo found that an average date (dinner, drinks and a movie) will cost $105 in New Jersey. This means that New Jersey only trails New York (where the same date will cost you $111).

Pennsylvania, by the way, was not much better. It ranks the fifth most expensive state to have a date. Researchers say that for dinner, drinks and a movie, you'll have to shell out $101.96.

24/7 Tempo (published on's research includes tax rates and the cost of gasoline (as of August 6) to make a complete assessment for the price tag.

If you're looking for a bargain, head to Wisconsin. The average cost of dinner, drinks and a movie will run you just $98.26. It's the cheapest state in the country for a date, 24/7 Tempo's researchers say. 

I have to admit, I have gone my fair share of dates. And I can OFTEN spend less than $100 on a date that I would say was a good experience. We all know that movies are severely overpriced anyway. Isn't that why we Netflix & Chill?

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