Getting a tattoo of a loved one’s name or something that represents that individual is always great. It makes you feel like you have them close to you at all times. It's a way for you to show them even more love. Now, how about you get that tattoo with their DNA in the ink. Would that make it creepy or make it more meaningful?

Men’s Health interviewed a first responder that got tattoos of his family with their DNA. Yes, that is a thing! Everence allows you to transform ash, hair and DNA into ink for your next tattoo.

Credit: Everence
Credit: Everence

NYPD officer, Johnny Walker, who spent countless hours helping after the 9/11 attack, thought it was a creepy idea to get his loved ones DNA tattooed on him. “I kept photos of my wife and kids in my hat, and when I wasn’t wearing the hat, I’d slip the stack of wallet-size photos in a little pocket,” told Men's Health. Having pictures of your loved ones is always great but after really thinking about it, Walker thought that the idea of Everence wasn’t too shabby after all. Unfortunately, Johnny Walker was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. Having their DNA on him helps him get through tough times knowing he has them with him at all times. Walker tells Men's Health "Here’s my wife, there’s my daughter, there’s my son, there’s my partner."

All tattoos last forever or some have a strong meaning but having someone's DNA in the ink takes it to another level. Having synthesized DNA substance can cost you $295.

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