It can be tough to imagine a recreation of Home Alone in the modern day. It’s a great movie, but it’s a little dated. I mean… the family never would have gotten separated with the invention of cell phones and such, right?

Furthermore, smart home devices would have helped Kevin McCallister thwart the plot of the Sticky Bandits, right?

Well, 28 years after the original film was released, Macaulay Culkin JUST reprised his role as Kevin McCallister. Culkin, now 38, did it for a 60-second Google Home commercial. You can press play above to watch the ad.

Culkin asks his Google Home what his agenda looks like, to find that he only had one event on his calendar, the house to himself.

Author’s note: At a time where there is often a lot of family and friends in town for the holidays, a house to myself sounds pretty nice. Does this feature come with a Google Home?

The 60-second commercial features some classic home alone references, like when Kevin runs out of shaving cream for his 8-year-old non-existent beard. I wanted to see how spot on it looked, so I put those side-by-side:

Google Home via YouTube & 20th Century Fox

Not to worry, Kevin McCallister now has Google Home to remind him to buy some more shaving cream.

The commercial definitely makes it known that Kevin McCallister is not a kid anymore. When Culkin is jumping up and down on the bed celebrating being home alone, he hurts his back. It sucks to get older, right? Look at this side-by-side:

Google Home via YouTube & 20th Century Fox

The lengths that Google went to so we could get all of the "nostalgic feels" from the ad were incredible. Look at this side-by-side of the “delicious Mac N Cheese dinner” scene:

Google Home via YouTube & 20th Century Fox

Of course, the Google Home device ultimately saved the house with a modern-day twist on “Operation Kevin.”

We love this Christmas surprise. And it REALLY is a surprise since the actor told Ellen back in April that he actually tries to stay out of the spotlight during the holiday season because he gets so many requests for the scream face. Who can blame him, right?

By the way, if you're like us: watching this made us want to watch the original movie. You can check that out here, of course.

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