Manayunk is a really chill place to go for either brunch or some late-night drinks. One spot that was always crowded, a good time and was a staple in Manayunk was Mad River. If you loved that place we have some bad news for you.

According to, after over a decade of being the party spot in Manayunk, Mad River is closing its doors. It has been reported by that the reason for the closure of Mad River is the lack of business during the pandemic. Mad River is one of the multiple businesses that have closed in the area.

On Facebook, a staff member of Mad River posted, "With a heavy heart, it’s time to announce the ol’ Riv won’t make it through this mess.” We also learned from that the owner Jaime Powell said, “We decided as a squad it was just time to cash em in. No one should hang their head, a place like ours had no business making it eleven years. It's wild and honestly impressive." reported that multiple restaurant owners and chefs have been doing whatever is in their power to convince local officials to allow them to have outdoor seating to be able to continue to keep their doors open. They would like the laws to be loosened up a bit in Pennsylvania for all restaurants.

The only hope that the many restaurants and bars in Pennsylvania have at the moment is the fact that take-out cocktails are an option to be able to bring in some money for the business.

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