Some people will do whatever it takes to get a good picture for Instagram. For example, jumping a fence to get up close and personal with some cheetahs. That's exactly what happened at a New Jersey zoo. reported that a man made it over one of two fences at the Cape May County Park and Zoo in hopes of getting a picture with two cheetahs, Buju and Beenie. went on to share, "The man moved on to the second fence, but was apprehended by park officials before he could hop that one too."

Luckily for the man the cheetahs paid no attention to him and didn't even go near him amid all of the commotion.

According to, once in the hands of authorities, the man shared that a friend of his attempted the same plan at a different zoo and was able to pet a tiger. Although he was not arrested, the man was removed from the zoo and given citations.

Sounds pretty risky just for a photo if you ask us.

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