Are you tired of staying inside the house with your significant other after months of being stuck together? Or are you finally ready to take your super match out on a date? We’ve got the list for you!

Here are some of the many ideas you can do with your special someone in the Philadelphia area according to Philly Magazine.

First is biking around the city. Biking is a huge thing since the Coronavirus outbreak to keep your exercise going at home. Why not bike the Schuylkill River Trail or bike to the Conshohocken Brewing Company? There’s nothing better than biking, chatting, and boozing after.

Next is Skating. The Cherry Hill Skating Center has everything you need. Whether you’re a beginner or you’re advanced, you can either take lessons before or free skate. Totally available for all levels which is great!

Another exercise activity is hiking. There is a beautiful trail called Forbidden Drive that is a super popular hike with hills and amazing views. You could also try Valley Green Inn that has a waterfront view if that’s your thing.

If you both are of age and ready to call an uber, then Boozy Brunch is the thing for you. You can go to Black’n Brew, Pennsport’s, The Dutch, Alla Spina, and Jerry’s Bar to name a few spots for some mimosas and brunch.

If you’re feeling spooky, you could try the Laurel Hill Cemetery. This tour is self-guided and lets you look at just a few of the special things about Philly’s history.

So there you go! Those are just a few of the many date ideas we can give you.


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