Personally, I can say that I really enjoy working out but running is definitely not my thing. I would never say, “Oh, I will run so much that it will be equivalent to Mt. Everest." If that is something that you would do, more power to you and I respect you for it.

According to 6abc, Mark Gibson is a man that has a philosophy of “Don't get ready, stay ready.” While that is different from the original saying, this man is saying that because he wants to be ready for multiple challenges. We learned that Mark Gibson has challenged himself a lot and the most recent challenge that he has set for himself is run up the Rocky steps, also known as the steps into the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Yes, we've all done it and have ran up the Rocky steps and did the Rocky pose as well. Gibson is doing it a little differently though. It was stated on 6abc that Mark Gibson is running up the Rocky steps in a way that will be equivalent to running up Mt. Everest. Gibson is calling it the "Rocky Mountain Everest Challenge."

To run up the Rocky steps and be equivalent to Mt. Everest, Gibson has to run up and down the steps a total of 880 times, according to 6abc. That is insane. When I first moved out here I ran up the steps one time and I was gassed out right away.

The best thing about this Rocky Mountain Everest Challenge is that Gibson is doing it for a good cause. 6abc reported that Gibson is doing it to "raise money for Alex's Lemonade Stand to help the fight against childhood cancer."

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