A restaurant in Lawrence Township, New Jersey has just been named the restaurant with the best chicken tenders in the entire state. I’m a huge foodie and when I tell you I could eat chicken tenders every single day, I mean it.

I’m sure you’re the same. A food reviewer online who goes by Dar The Food Guru has recently made his way to the Mercer County area to give a chicken spot called Manni’s Fried Chicken.

It’s located on Route 1 in Lawrence Township and has just opened up its doors this year. In previous years, it was a Stewart’s Drive-In.

After Stewart’s closed its doors, the infamous Meat Heads took over and when Meat Heads moved locations to the Lawrence Shopping Center, Manni’s Fried Chicken took over.

This is just my opinion, but that location has a great reputation for being home to some of the best restaurants in the area! In the video, the reviewer with over 30k on Instagram named Manni’s chicken tenders the best tenders in the entire state.

I’d say we’re pretty lucky to have a restaurant in the area with such a good reputation! Manni’s Fried Chicken has a large menu of fried chicken classics and amazing sides that you have to check out if you haven’t been there already.

They’re open Tuesday - Sunday in Lawrence, New Jersey, and are located at 2653 Brunswick Pike. hello hello hello hello hello hello  hello

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