The holidays are getting closer which means it’s about that time when you start to appreciate having a job a little more because you can get all your loved ones some nice gifts. Unfortunately, it will not be the jolliest of seasons for many as the state of New Jersey will be leaving a lot of people jobless.

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Recently Mattress Firm filed for bankruptcy so that alone will be leaving people from East Windsor, Newark and Lawrence without a job. Speaking of Newark, Newark International Airport is set to lay off over 800 employees on November 1st. Many of those employees will be from United Airlines and it'll be the biggest lay off in New Jersey. also reported that Lord & Taylor in Eatontown will be laying off over 120 employees. Lord & Taylor is set to close their Eatontown location by January 31st, 2019.

That's insane! Over a thousand jobs will more than likely be eliminated by mid-November. If you are currently employed by any of this companies make that resume look nice and start a new job hunt. Good Luck!

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