Many people were affected by the pandemic and unfortunately lost their jobs. The positive side of that was that many people were receiving their unemployment check plus an extra check that was part of the Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation.

There were others that were able to apply for a special program of unemployment. According to, those that applied for the special unemployment program were "freelancers, independent contractors and the self-employed."

Now check this out. Many people across the country including "at least 130,000 workers in New Jersey" got a letter in the mail that was asking for those that received extra money to pay it back. I would be furious because I would have already spent it. shared that it may be a lucky year for those that received extra money because they will NOT have to pay it back.

We learned that  over 200,000 unemployed Americans received that extra check that was "averaged $4,400 per person."

Imagine the IRS or the U.S. Department of Labor asking for that money back right away and you don't have it to pay it back? That would be extremely stressful.

It was also stated on that the Labor Department is trying to figure out who is eligible to keep that money and not have to pay it back. has made it known that Asaro-Angelo from the National Association of State Workforce Agencies said in a letter that it is not right to try and take the money back from those that received a little extra and it is "counterintuitive to our mission of helping people in their time of need." In fact, trying to recover that money for those Americans can bring stress to them and their families.

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