If you can't get on some of your favorite websites this morning, getting an error message instead, you're not alone, there are global internet issues happening right now (Tuesday, June 8th), according to Mashable.

As of 5:50am (Eastern), some of the websites experiencing outages are Amazon, Target, Twitter, Etsy, Pinterest, Twitch, Reddit, Pay Pal, The New York Times, HBO Max, Hulu, BBC, and the entire UK government website. Wow.

The article states, "The problem is reportedly arising from performance issues with Fastly, an American cloud computing services provider."

I'm kind of relieved to hear this news...I thought it was the Gods telling me I wasn't supposed to shop anymore when I couldn't get on Amazon or Target earlier this morning. LOL.

I'm hoping it's fixed sooner rather than later, because I'm supposed to get together with a few of my besties tonight to watch the Friends reunion on HBO Max.

We're about to see just how internet addicted we all are. Don't worry, it will be fixed...eventually. Yikes. Hurry, internet.

This story is developing, I'll keep you posted.

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