Something that makes me really makes me mad is snobby people. I don't care how much money you have, we're all still human and we should be treating one another with respect. Celebrities, well, certain ones make so much money with performances, appearances, and ticket sales. Sometimes I';m sure they have more money than they know what to do with. So when a celebrity is caught being cheap, it's a little disappointing.

According to, Mariah Carey got caught in a sticky situation down in Atlantic City. She was performing a show there and ordered some food to go at one of the restaurants inside the same hotel where she was performing and staying. When one of her staff members went to go pick it up, they didn't leave a tip. Now, before you say, "You don't have to tip on to-go orders," know that this particular order cost $493.67. It seems Mariah had ordered for herself and her entire staff cuz that's a lot of money for food. However, it is Atlantic City and everything is very pricey, so maybe it was just a few items? Anyway, the staff member who paid for the order gave the wait staff $500 and asked for change and never left a tip. From someone who worked in the service industry, that is just so wrong.

I'm wondering if this staff member was instructed to do this or just made a mistake? Whatever the case may be, Mariah Carey has to take the fall for it, which sucks.

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