A massive power outage has left at least 60,000 customers without power in New York City for several hours tonight.

An updated outage map from New York City's electric company, ConEdison, showed that as many as 64,000 customers could be in the dark (as of 10:00 pm on Saturday).

It's worth noting, by the way, that outage maps typically show the number of addresses without power. So it's very likely that there are a significantly larger number of residents being affected tonight.

ConEdison has not publicly issued an estimate for restoration yet. It appeared as if the power first went out sometime around 6:45 pm. New York's Governor Andrew Cuomo told ABC7 that ConEdison has not accurately given him an estimate for restoration.

The outage is having wide-reaching effects, of course.

Traffic lights are out in parts of the city (especially Upper Manhattan). Of course, with not enough police officers available to direct traffic immediately, some New Yorkers are doing what they do best and assisting:

Governor Cuomo said he has deployed additional resources to the city. He has sent additional state police officers to the city and some members of the National Guard have been called up. They will assist with public safety and directing traffic.

Several lines on the New York City subway have been affected. Additionally, there are also reports of several elevators being stuck with passengers inside, several TV stations reported.

Broadway theaters also appear to be affected by the outage. Most shows were canceled. Footage from outside the Schoenfeld Theatre where "Come From Away " is currently playing shows that the show's actors have begun performing on the sidewalk outside of the stage doors

Meanwhile, the Jennifer Lopez concert, which was being held at Madison Square Garden, came to an abrupt end as MSG was evacuated.

There are reports of a transformer fire around 64th Street and West End Avenue. It's believed that the transformer fire caused tonight's blackout.

This is a developing story. Check back for more details.

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