McDonald's is trying to make everyone happy this week. According to Fox29, they're celebrating the start of McDelivery with Door Dash by doing something special for all of their customers. This week they will be selling tons and tons of Big Macs for only a penny. But there's a catch, you must order using the Door Dash app.

Door Dash also tweeted out saying that when you purchase a Big Mac for a penny you are also entering to win a million dollars. That is awesome!

But wait a second, don't think you'll be able to feed your whole neighborhood since the Big Macs are a penny each. According to Fox29, there is a limit on how many you can purchase and that is one Big Mac per customer. Well, that stinks.

This is only happening until Friday, October 4th and it's while supplies last. So if you happen to "forget" lunch for work and are trying to figure out what to eat, just know that you can use the code word 1MBIGMAC and bam, you get a Big Mac for a penny.

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