Big news was just announced in Lawrenceville. At first I was sad, but then when I heard what was happening next summer, I was happy.

Let me explain. The wonderful owners of the popular ice cream shop, The Purple Cow on Main Street in Lawrenceville, posted on the shop's Facebook this morning (Thursday, December 1st) that they're retiring. Oh no. I've loved chatting with Cindy and Tom over the years when my family visited to enjoy the best ice cream around.

I immediately cringed at the thought of doing without their signature flavor, Purple Cow (Black Raspberry with Chocolate Chips). It's sooo good.

But, as I continued the read the post it became clear that everything would be ok. Why? Because another hot spot in town is taking it over to ensure we wouldn't miss a thing.

Yup, The Gingered Peach (the outstanding bakery behind the Purple Cow on Gordan Avenue) is taking over The Purple Cow. Yippee. Joanne and her staff are the very best.

A post from The Gingered Peach reads in part, "We are proud to announce that in summer 2023, the team at The Gingered Peach will be bringing you the same ice cream you know and love from Purple Cow with a peachy twist. We are humbled by the Pearce family's faith in us to carry on their legacy, and excited to serve our community in a new way. 2023 here we come."

Whoa. This is great, great news. I have no doubt it will continue to be fabulous. I can't wait.

The Purple Cow will be closing its doors on December 17th. Make sure to stop in and wish Tom & Cindy a happy retirement.

Congratulations to all. Awesome, just awesome.

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