Mexican food is a favorite in my house. We live for Taco Tuesday and could eat them, and everything else Mexican, any day of the week.

When I saw this list of the Best Mexican Restaurants in NJ by Vinny Parisi on, I certainly stopped to take a look.

One Mercer County Mexican restaurant made the list and it has 2 locations in Mercer County. It's Mexican Mariachi Grill in Hamilton and Ewing (and also Glassboro).

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Parisi says in the ranking, "The Ramos family of Santillo, Mexico brought their legacy of traditional Mexican recipes to New Jersey in 2010. Since then, their fan favorite nachos and other authentic cuisine has become a runaway success. From tacos and burritos to fajitas and quesadillas, there's something for everyone on the menu. But the real star of the show is the surf and turf burrito with carne asada and shrimp (or its Puerto Vallarta wet, platter-style variant)."

Other Mexican restaurants in Central Jersey that made the list are:

El Tule in Lambertville. Parisi says, "El Tule serves up both Mexican and Peruvian cuisine. They offer a number of daily specials like Taco Tuesdays, as well as a Locals Night on Wednesdays. The latter offers a fixed three-course meal for $30 per person. The Mexican-Latin fusion menu offers options such as Spinach & Crab Enchiladas and Lomo Saltado; a Peruvian dish using tender steak strips and peppers. The menu represents the fusion of cultures joiing the Egoavil and Anguino families."

La China Poblana in East Brunswick. This one got my attention because they serve breakfast all day like Mexican omelets and eggs with Mexican sauage. If you don't happen to be into Mexican there are other American favorites like Chicken fingers, wings and mozzarella sticks.

Casa Luna in Somerville. According to the list, the big draw is that the portions are big, affordable and absolutely delicious. Parisi recommends the Chicken Chimichanga, a golden friend burrito stuffed with chicken, rice, and Monterey and cheddar cheeses. The specials change weekly and monthly, so the menu is always fresh and new.

I've only scratched the surface. Check out the entire list HERE.

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