Quarantine is expensive, right? Well, 58 million Americans say they’re spending more money during this pandemic. WalletHub.com recently directed a survey to see if Americans were spending less during this quarantine time.

It was mentioned on WalletHub.com that 43% of people that took the survey said they did some shopping to really just relax, so some retail therapy. Even though the percentage of people doing comfort shopping is somewhat high, they are still worried about their packages being safe when they are delivered to their house, according to Wallet Hub.

It all makes sense that a lot of people are doing shopping to stop the stress of being home all the time. There have been tons of talk from people everywhere that some individuals that are receiving unemployment are getting bigger checks than normal. We would imagine they would want to spoil themselves a little more. Plus, many people have received some nice big stimulus checks.

Check this out, WalletHub.com mentioned that 23% of Americans that took the survey admitted that they are spending a lot more on alcohol during this social distancing time.

A lot of us are probably guilty of that.

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