All we want is to be able to enjoy the summer and it looks like we are starting to get that chance little by little. recently reported that miniature golf down the Jersey Shore is now in full effect. The governor of the state of New Jersey shared earlier this week that miniature golf is allowed to reopen.

According to, the miniature golf locations must follow some very strict guidelines before being able to fully open their businesses.

Here is the list shared by

Sanitizing all equipment before and after each use, Limiting total capacity to a number that ensures that all individuals can remain six feet apart, Installing a physical barrier, such as a shield guard, between customers and employees wherever feasible, Demarcating and posting signs that denote six feet of spacing in all commonly used areas or where people may form a line, Immediately separating and sending home workers who appear to have symptoms consistent with COVID-19 illness upon arrival at work or who become sick during the day.

Other miniature golf businesses have told that every single golf club is being sanitized after every customer returns the clubs. As for the golf ball, it was mentioned that they are dipped into a solution for about a minute and a half and dried before other customers can use them

We also learned from that some miniature golf locations, if needed, will be providing customers with gloves and masks for safety. Markers will also be placed on the ground to help customers practice social distancing from other groups.

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